today is deploy day, I AM looking 4ward to the day after yes “421”

so the 411 is it is D-Day;

lights camera action

this is my spotlight

victorious, yes victory is mine,

been working on an n-tier solution;

…civil works, rack and stack done close to satisfaction,

this lifecycle in motion
-analysed all the requirements,

-confirmed the designed plan,

-simulated the configuration,

-revisited live deployment,


-go LIVE

The past months have been quite something ,

I enjoyed every bit of the challenge.
…”Who wanna flip with the acrobatic
From ground zero all the way to attic, what we be smokin, Tical
The resevoir is now open
I swim the English Channel backstrokin, you don’t know me or my style
We hold court and blow trial
You catch ‘cal when you browse through my X-Files, who be next now
Man’s down, hands down
Hold ground by yo’ side when it go down…” so said Method Man.
…besta look forward to the day after.


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