…sure Ola Bafethu!

Le amohetswe ha Pheko Mamabolo.

Le re ho jwang feela?

Ha re kopaneng re le bohle re kgepholelaneng, re bapalleng mmoho re ahaneng re etise re di bupi tsa ramasedi!


3 thoughts on “…sure Ola Bafethu!

  1. I like where this is leading to Seems I will soon without having the need to have a compiler for reasons that we may use html than post our content get it published why not find tools where I may use beyond docs online, spreadsheets, presentations html and css,javascript.Lets move to php, including content like swf, designing using the likes of dreamweaver, fireworks, flash, adobe image maker… well wordpress impressed me more as an opensource affiliate let me learn and catch up.

  2. gees…man.thanx therez more virtual storage to write to. imagine how many trees get saved so lets write long scripts so we may all enjoy scrolling like back in them times when ink blots were ’cause the feather could not retain so much ink…from thoughts splatterring…untill this server gives in or the .Crash we’ll be scrolling.

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