…sure Ola Bafethu!

12 10 2007

Le amohetswe ha Pheko Mamabolo.

Le re ho jwang feela?

Ha re kopaneng re le bohle re kgepholelaneng, re bapalleng mmoho re ahaneng re etise re di bupi tsa ramasedi!

Yesterday handled well

4 10 2007

Today handle with same vigor.

lack of sleep

4 10 2007

i need to be productive

Today is D day

2 10 2007

I gotto come -out alive from this one…from subzero all the way to attic. Swim the English chanel back stroke like Method Man said it. I am Looking forward to the day after.

new post

2 10 2007

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9 09 2007

hey hello world ?

 so says the addict- yeah addicted to life I AM,

Dumelang (explanation Sesotho to say- Hi, also to say-all agree)
Karibu(KeSwahili to say- Welcome)

… just thought to welcome U so feel @home

so seing u not at ease or yet comfortable, ask u’r self how AM I doin???

how u doin?

yes how y’ll doin…well i am just kickin it,

so lets kick it. or keep on walking.  As it seems your browser does not support this cut out script.

go to https://makgobe.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/hello-world/ 

if problem persists don’t waist ur valuable online time go to  naive.come ®

or continue to make sense of the giberish below _ _ _ \/ 

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